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Alaska Performance Scholarship Information

KPBSD site regarding APS

State APS site


New College and Career Readiness Assessment

For class of 2015 and beyond – please see open document below:

2014-15 Test information and links

Questions? Please call Martha at 224-9070

SAT and ACT information

Seward High provides college entrance testing with the ACT and SAT tests.  Students must log on to the test sites and create an account.  Our school ID number is 02-0125.




This year there are NO STAND BY testers – so each student must log on and sign up online.

There will be a Junior test within the school day (March 3rd) – please see Martha for details.

Alaska Career Information System

Please go to:

click on :  AKCIS

Username: sewardhs   Password: 4Student

This site is a wonderful resource for scholarships, school searches and career information.